Duval pointe TEST TEST DNU

State-of-the-art pointe shoe using new material combination for a longer lasting life
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6 shanks: Flexible FLX - Supple SUP - Regular REG - Strong STR - Russe RUS - Extra-Strong XST
5 widths: M, W, X, XX, XXX
Sizes: 5 to 11
2 Vamps: Deep Vamp (DV) and Low Vamp (LV)
The F. R. Duval Pointe Shoe has a specially designed shank that uses new innovative plastic technology that creates a durable, but flexible shoe that always returns back to the same pre-arched form.
The shank in these shoes does not break down so it is important to choose the correct strength. For beginners we suggest the Flexible (FLX). • Medium Vamp • Elastics attached.

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Upper Material Satén
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