F.R. DUVAL Pointe Shoes XST 3.0


Durable Pre-Arched 3/4 Regular shank (yellow color)

U-shape, Deep Vamp (U-DV). Perfectly balanced box

Intregrated shank, European tapered platform for Egyptian feet

Outsole: Genuine leather, Microfiber for Vegan version

Upper: Pink satin with elastic drawstring

Include: ribbons, yellow bag for pointe shoes

1 499,00 Kč
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State-of-the-art pointe shoe using a new material combination for a longer lasting life and reliable dancing experience.
The F.R. Duval will not break down as fast as many other brands, and it will allow the dancer to experience an incredible sense of safety.

Designed in Paris by Franck Raoul-Duval
Customised for European Ballet Companies, by highly qualified pointe shoes makers.
State-of-the-Art construction
Well proportioned and narrow streamlined last
Slender and Slightly more than usual
Extended Lifespan 3 times longer life than traditionally made Pointe shoes
Made with innovative materials which should not be soften with old mechanical methods like on conventional pointe shoes

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Collection Duval European
Model Name DUVAL 3.0 X-STRONG
Upper Material Satén
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