Sansha Unisex Sports Equipment bag KBAG22

KBAG22 Unisex Sports Equipment Bag
450,00 Kč
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The KBAG22 Unisex Sports Bag is a versatile multi-sports bag ideal for carrying all sports equipment around. It is strong, good quality and practical and looks great!
It offers 5 medium – large sized storage compartments each of which are perfect for carrying sports equipment around. The pockets include 1 mesh netted pocket, 1 elasticated pocket, 1 zipped outer pocket, 1 large zipped inner compartment and one hidden inside pocket (perfect for valuables).
It has a simple black and white design with the word ‘Dance’ on the front and at the bottom has the Sansha Logo.
It is made from 100% Polyester and measures 46*23*29cm.
The detachable shoulder strap is included allowing you to use carry handles or a shoulder strap as you wish.
Více informací
Model Name KBAG22
Upper Material Polyester
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